Hi, my name is Barbara Drofenik

I create sustainable practices and brands.

You can not be everything to everybody. Choose.

Here's my story...

I have actively participated in drafting my favourite branding definition by Francisco Conejo and Ben Wooliscroft that enthuses and scares me. “Brands are complex multidimensional constructs with varying degrees of meaning, independence, co-creation and scope. They are semiotic marketing systems that generate value for direct and indirect participants, society, and the broader environment, through the exchange of co-created meaning.“ After a #burntbrain experience I am back to help people, enterprises and communities do it wiser and better.

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Molekoola, Consult Culture

I am currently building a collective for like-minded people from around the world. Molekoola is to become a collective consultancy specialising in sustainable branding, marketing, design and communication practices. Molekoola will be all about infatuation with brands, mean ventures and people be it tall or short, small or big, a winner or an underdog. We will create brand-building business practices, processes and ventures directed at enhancing brand equity, structure in sustainability practices and human(e) prosperity.
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Writing, debating on sustainable brand practices

Started a series of articles on the theory and practices in branding and marketing. Join the debate on Medium!
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Molekoola, Sustainability Consult Culture

Molekoola, Consult Culture is a consultancy collective of seasoned business experts, who help growth-oriented companies create, build and nurture sustainable brands that drive profitable revenue growth through differentiated customer experiences.

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